Blue Spring Communications Services

Blue Spring Communications offers a wide range of services. We have solid experience with global business and consumer brands and a network of the best available creative and media resources. That powerful combination means Blue Spring Communications has the resources to meet your communications needs at a realistic cost.


Great strategy is the heart of any successful business, and marketing strategy fuels the profit engine. Every strategy we develop is designed to increase audience affinity for your organization, and maximize bottom-line results.

We borrowed our strategy framework from a professor-friend at one of the country’s top business schools, and we added a few twists. This consulting process helps clients innovate across all audiences, meeting today’s needs while planning for a stronger future. We also help clients identify possibilities for market and revenue expansion, by finding gaps in competitor offerings that leave a door open to sales growth.

Seeing Differently

Our favorite approach to developing break-through strategy is to see the world differently, and study examples set by some of history’s best thinkers. Once you learn how a cat, a chicken and a picket fence led to the civil war, you start watching for connections and possibilities that most people walk past without noticing a world of possibilities.

Brand Development

Brand development is one of the most important ways companies can set themselves apart from their competition. Our brand development program examines how your brands are perceived today and uses a proven process for evaluating the strength of your brand and its effectiveness at out-performing your competition.

The Dark Art

Brand development is a holy grail-project for agency teams. It’s sometimes offered to clients much as a mysterious art, perceived and comprehended only by the most insightful of account service and creative leads. On the other end of the spectrum lies the client or agency for whom branding is a style guide and colors and warnings not to inverse the logo or make it purple. Both teams miss the point.

Building and Living the Brand

A Mont Blanc pen is widely considered to be a fine writing instrument. A $200 Mont Blanc has a refill that costs about $6 at Office Depot. You can buy the $6 refill and a $3 Pilot G3 pen, trim 1/8 inch off the Mont Blanc refill and it will fit right into the G3 shell. $200 functionality; $9 cost. The sole differences between and the Mont Blanc and the Pilot are the brand, a few dollars in manufacturing cost, events and marketing. and the price. The Mont Blanc is worth about 70 times more than the Pilot. The supreme irony? The $3 pilot feels better to write with.


Whether you’re in a commercial development phase, launching a product or trying to reenergize a mature brand, Blue Spring Communications will help you maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Smaller Budgets; Higher Goals

A typical challenge marketing managers face is shrinking budgets and higher sales goals. We’ve been on your side of the desk, so we know how important it is to tie your Blue Spring investment into measurable sales results or measurable attitude shifts.

In addition to building brands and sales, we also see the marketing role as the “eyes and ears” of the organization. Marketing is your link to the rest of the world. The best programs are two-way conversations that involve audiences as people, not demographics.

Sales Development

When a client invests in our services, one of the most satisfying outcomes is that we get to help build their sales.

One of the ways we do that is through classic advertising, PR and direct mail. We also help increase revenue by developing promotional programs that equip sales and tech service teams to incentivize customers to buy more products, and then to retain those sales through customer loyalty programs.

Maximum Mileage

Some of our favorite tactics are the easiest ones which involve re-purposing. We once wrote and placed a magazine story about a Kansas wheat farmer on behalf of a herbicide company. We asked the farmer if we could send the reprint and a letter from him to about 75 of his neighbors, telling about his experience with the product. The direct mail reprint led to a $10,000 herbicide order. The direct mail and reprint cost $275. That’s not much money, but it was a nice day for the sales rep who paid for the mailer.

Give us a call for a no-strings conversation about building your sales.



This corn field in Guatemala is planted in what used to be forest. The subsistence landowner faces a true sustainability challenge: Arable land and water available per person is decreasing. Farming systems must maximize production and minimize impact, unlike what’s happening in this field.

With nearly every organization touting sustainability credentials, views about what the term means and what to do about it vary widely. A strong case could be made that ensuring dependable food production (and distribution) surpasses all other sustainability challenges. Agriculture faces new pressures that are increasing demand faster than ever, with natural resources running scarce where food demand is greatest.

Farmer Success

Farmers are keeping up for now, but people from off the farm are sticking their fingers into farm decisions, which hurts farmer freedom to operate. Ironically, farmers have a great sustainability story, and we’re devoted to telling it.

Strong Strategy

The path forward begins with a strong strategy. If your organization wants to take sustainability to a new level, we offer a four-part strategy definition and development process used with permission from renowned sustainability expert Dr. Stuart Hart. This innovative program helps managers increase environmental efficiency, improve audience engagement, accelerate product innovation and plan better for the future. Program results include increased revenue growth and trajectory — along with stronger relationships between your business, your customers, your brands and the environment.

Photojournalism Services

Blue Spring Communications provides photography and photojournalism services, with a specialty in agricultural and environmental photography.