• Challenge: Establish, reinforce and increase positive awareness of Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health brands and services through the creation of an integrated digital marketing platform that combines Website information, the e-newsletter and the technical center/product library.

    Solution: We created a customized, visually integrated system for the e-newsletter and the ANH technical library and training center, while upgrading functionality in each of the platforms and providing a flexible product-based and species-based navigation structure to meet the needs of different site visitors.
  • Challenge: Create a way for Balchem to communicate technical information inexpensively to prospects, customers and industry influencers.

    Solution: We created a customized e-marketing publishing platform that includes newsletter delivery and an animal nutrition library. Our work for Balchem includes design, editorial and programming services.
  • Challenge: Missouri beef producers and farmers throughout the country are under attack from activists who curse U.S. agriculture by creed while enjoying its many benefits by daily practice. MBIC needed a way to keep Missouri producers informed about groups who are threatening Missouri agriculture.

    Solution: We created a blog and e-marketing program that includes a Web site, e-newsletter and issues monitoring, with ongoing links to news and other information about irresponsible activism.
  • Challenge: CleanTech has a revolutionary approach to converting municipal waste into energy while capturing recyclables. The company needed a brand identity, and communications tools to help tell their story to investors and prospective customers.

    Solution: Blue Spring created a comprehensive identity program, including a brand identity, brochures, a Web site design, mailers, samples, and presentation support. We also told the CleanTech story through an electronic brand book.
  • Challenge: Dairy producers face a number of challenges managing their operations and staying profitable so they can thrive or at least survive. One of the best sources for learning is other dairy farmers, but there were limited ways for producers to share information with each other on a personal level.

    Solution: Blue spring created the world's first dairy-focused Web forum, as a free place where producers from through the U.S. can meet in an online community and share ideas on a variety of dairy-related topics. The idea has caught on, with Dairyforums.com members from more than 20 countries meeting on “America's Online Dairy Community.”
  • Challenge: U.S. soybean farmers produce crops that have tremendous impact in the U.S. and internationally. But that story is difficult to tell, and U.S. producers face increasing competition on the international front.

    Solution: Blue Spring created an innovative brand book that explains the unique offering of U.S. soybean producers, in a digital format that can easily be customized at the farmer level, for us in on-farm tours or during international travel when U.S. farmers meet with overseas soybean buyers. Download PDF

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