October 23rd, 2013
Sustainability Arable Land per Person

This corn field in Guatemala is planted in what used to be forest. The subsistence landowner faces a true sustainability challenge: Arable land and water available per person is decreasing. Farming systems must maximize production and minimize impact, unlike what’s happening in this field.

With nearly every organization touting sustainability credentials, views about what the term means and what to do about it vary widely. A strong case could be made that ensuring dependable food production (and distribution) surpasses all other sustainability challenges. Agriculture faces new pressures that are increasing demand faster than ever, with natural resources running scarce where food demand is greatest.

Farmer Success

Farmers are keeping up for now, but people from off the farm are sticking their fingers into farm decisions, which hurts farmer freedom to operate. Ironically, farmers have a great sustainability story, and we’re devoted to telling it.

Strong Strategy

The path forward begins with a strong strategy. If your organization wants to take sustainability to a new level, we offer a four-part strategy definition and development process used with permission from renowned sustainability expert Dr. Stuart Hart. This innovative program helps managers increase environmental efficiency, improve audience engagement, accelerate product innovation and plan better for the future. Program results include increased revenue growth and trajectory — along with stronger relationships between your business, your customers, your brands and the environment.

Energizing Marketspace

Classical Solutions

In one of the Dialogues of Plato, someone asks how Homer is such a great orator. Plato explains that Homer connected with his audience the same way a magnet attracts iron rings: The magnet energizes one ring, which energizes others and so on, with the pull extending throughout the audience. (Remember MCI's Friends and Family ad campaign?)

Our goal is to energize audiences. We can't promise Platonic results, but we can do different work by thinking differently. Here are the core services we offer: