October 23rd, 2013

Great strategy is the heart of any successful business, and marketing strategy fuels the profit engine. Every strategy we develop is designed to increase audience affinity for your organization, and maximize bottom-line results.

We borrowed our strategy framework from a professor-friend at one of the country’s top business schools, and we added a few twists. This consulting process helps clients innovate across all audiences, meeting today’s needs while planning for a stronger future. We also help clients identify possibilities for market and revenue expansion, by finding gaps in competitor offerings that leave a door open to sales growth.

Seeing Differently

Our favorite approach to developing break-through strategy is to see the world differently, and study examples set by some of history’s best thinkers. Once you learn how a cat, a chicken and a picket fence led to the civil war, you start watching for connections and possibilities that most people walk past without noticing a world of possibilities.


Energizing Marketspace

Classical Solutions

In one of the Dialogues of Plato, someone asks how Homer is such a great orator. Plato explains that Homer connected with his audience the same way a magnet attracts iron rings: The magnet energizes one ring, which energizes others and so on, with the pull extending throughout the audience. (Remember MCI's Friends and Family ad campaign?)

Our goal is to energize audiences. We can't promise Platonic results, but we can do different work by thinking differently. Here are the core services we offer: