Sales Development

October 23rd, 2013

When a client invests in our services, one of the most satisfying outcomes is that we get to help build their sales.

One of the ways we do that is through classic advertising, PR and direct mail. We also help increase revenue by developing promotional programs that equip sales and tech service teams to incentivize customers to buy more products, and then to retain those sales through customer loyalty programs.

Maximum Mileage

Some of our favorite tactics are the easiest ones which involve repurposing. We once wrote and placed a magazine story about a Kansas wheat farmer on behalf of a herbicide company. We asked the farmer if we could send the reprint and a letter from him to about 75 of his neighbors, telling about his experience with the product. The direct mail reprint led to a $10,000 herbicide order. The direct mail and reprint cost $275. That’s not much money, but it was a nice day for the sales rep who paid for the mailer.

Give us a call for a no-strings conversation about building your sales.

Energizing Marketspace

Classical Solutions

In one of the Dialogues of Plato, someone asks how Homer is such a great orator. Plato explains that Homer connected with his audience the same way a magnet attracts iron rings: The magnet energizes one ring, which energizes others and so on, with the pull extending throughout the audience. (Remember MCI's Friends and Family ad campaign?)

Our goal is to energize audiences. We can't promise Platonic results, but we can do different work by thinking differently. Here are the core services we offer: