Brand Development

May 8th, 2010

Brand development is one of the most important ways companies can set themselves apart from their competition. Our brand development program examines how your brands are perceived today and uses a proven process for evaluating the strength of your brand and its effectiveness at out-performing your competition.

The Dark Art

Brand development is a holy grail-project for agency teams. It’s sometimes offered to clients much as a mysterious art, perceived and comprehended only by the most insightful of account service and creative leads. On the other end of the spectrum lies the client or agency for whom branding is a style guide and colors and warnings not to inverse the logo or make it purple. Both teams miss the point.

Building and Living the Brand

A Mont Blanc pen is widely considered to be a fine writing instrument. A $200 Mont Blanc has a refill that costs about $6 at Office Depot. You can buy the $6 refill and a $3 Pilot G3 pen, trim 1/8 inch off the Mont Blanc refill and it will fit right into the G3 shell. $200 functionality; $9 cost. The sole differences between and the Mont Blanc and the Pilot are the brand, a few dollars in manufacturing cost, events and marketing. and the price. The Mont Blanc is worth about 70 times more than the Pilot. The supreme irony? The $3 pilot feels better to write with.

Energizing Marketspace

Classical Solutions

In one of the Dialogues of Plato, someone asks how Homer is such a great orator. Plato explains that Homer connected with his audience the same way a magnet attracts iron rings: The magnet energizes one ring, which energizes others and so on, with the pull extending throughout the audience. (Remember MCI's Friends and Family ad campaign?)

Our goal is to energize audiences. We can't promise Platonic results, but we can do different work by thinking differently. Here are the core services we offer: